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Havrincourt France 27th Sept 1918

Mark Bowers

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Just out of curiosity   -

Does anyone know how many german snipers took part in this battle ?.


On the 27th Sept 1918 the 11th Battalion Tank Corps took part in the battle of Havrincourt France. Split in to A & C company.
There were fourteen tanks but two broke down approaching the start line.
The ememy knew they were coming as heavy barrage was put down.
Eight tanks recieved direct hits.
But only one officer and two ranks were killed. Five officers and twenty eight other ranks were
wounded with another seven missing.

My great uncle was a gunner in Tank Corps His  tank had to be abandoned.
He was shot by a sniper as he left it.




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Colin W Taylor



I think it would be impossible to say; a man hit by rifle fire might have been shot by a sniper, a good shot by a 'normal' infantryman or an unlucky stray round.


Shot by a sniper is often a simple and painless method of death told to a family to reduce the shock they might suffer from hearing of a more catastrophic or painful manner of death.


Likewise, any named battle is only a British creation divided into a geographic area and time period. The German Army would not recognise a battle under the same geography or time period making it difficult to state how many German troops of any type might be involved. 


Apologies if I've muddied the water. An expert on German Army units may be able to provide a definitive answer.





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Hi Colin


Yes it is believed this is what the family were told so we have always gone on that. 

Will keep in mine what you say.

I suppose it depends how close they were to the enemy for a normal rifle.

I heard that there were snipers around Havrincourt Wood area. Would have been interesting to find out more. Unless there are any records anywhere we will never know.





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