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MM information for 241043 Sgt Herbert Bradley 1/8th Worc R

Steve Turner

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I'm researching the history of 241043 Sgt Herbert Bradley and am aware that he was awarded a MM probably sometime around 1916. He enlisted as a Private in 1915 becoming a Sgt whilst serving in France (presumably). He also had another service number of 3429 which appears in the Rolls for his Victory and War medals but he is known by the Regtl No. 241043 by 1920 when the medals rolls were compiled. He is also listed by the longer Regtl No. for the 1914/15 star on that roll compiled in 1919.


As I write I cannot locate any service records but the area I'm more interested in are the circumstances by which the MM was awarded and anything relating to the 1/8th Worc R (Regtl histories or War Diaries) which might mention him. I see from his medal bar that there are two mentioned in dispatches oak leaves, one slightly smaller than the other. Again, any information relating to this would be appreciated.  

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Hi Steve

Last entry bottom right hand column on Gazette 1222 SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 24 JANUARY, 1019.


you will have to scroll back through the pages to find the header, but looks like an award for continued service of good efforts




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and the initial



the header being on page 6327

War Office, 30th May, 1918. The following despatch has been received by the Secretary of State for War from General Sir Herbert C. O. Plumer, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., A.D.C.: — Headquarters, 18th April, 1918. My Lord, I have the honour to submit a list of names of those officers, ladies, non-commissioned officers, and men, serving, or who have served, under my Command, whose distinguished and gallant services and devotion to duty I consider deserving of special mention. I have the honour to be, My Lord, Your obedient Servant, HERBERT PLUMER, Gen

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Ivor Anderson

This was an award for ITALY. Bate & Williamson's MM volume on Italy states (p.38):

"for gallantry during the operation to seize and hold MORAR on the 8th/9th August 1918. Further details in the War Diary".

It is one of 18 MMs awarded to the Worcestershire Regt. for the ITALY campaign in the 24 Jan 1919 LG:


Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 06.07.05.png

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 06.07.15.png

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Hello Steve


The smaller of the two oak leaves would be for wearing on the medal ribbon, on the left breast when only the ribbons were worn. the larger would be sewn onto the medal ribbon itself.

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