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To help up put into context - Background to your search?

Source of "CRGS"?? [a quick web search comes up first with Colchester Royal Grammar School!]

And any other info available?

e.g. Officer or OR?


:-) M

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2 hours ago, mortimer said:

'WT Johnston CRGS' from Caledon, Tyrone...assumed Connaught Rangers? Help


I would have thought that Connaught Rangers was the most likely unit. Why have you discounted it?


There are in TNA , 3 William Johnston with MICs in Connaught Rangers, but none with a second Christian name of "T..."


William JohnstonE - service record - NOK is his father in Glasgow. No place of birth given

Connaught Rangers 5833 Private
Royal Irish Regiment  2476 Private
Connaught Rangers 32474



William Johnston - Pension card shows him living at Carew St , Belfast in 1919

Royal Irish Rifles 11464 Private
Connaught Rangers  8491 Private


William Johnston - his service records shows he says he was born in Magherafelt, and when he enlisted his NOK was his mother at Magherafelt (that is a long way from Caledon)

Connaught Rangers 4152 Private


Nothing in 1911 census of Caledon area that seems to be him, nor 1901



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Sir, Yes, thank you, I saw those but none had obvious connection to Caledon. I think it likely Johnston is mis spelt but what/how is anybodies guess?

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With War Memorials it is difficult to know their criteria for inclusion.


Eg he could have been from the North Pole and married a woman from Caledon


The easiest way of teasing this sort of thing out is via 1911 census where full names were used - but I cannot find him using that. If he had been a pre-war eugular then he would not have been in Irish census

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Sir, 3 x new posers from same memorial -Units are MARO x 1 & C CGT x 2, 1st is a Pte otherwise I'd have thought of Major, Army Reserve of Officers, too modern anyway, 2&3 Canadian Contingent?

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