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Descriptions of previous service in the TF and Volunteers on attestaion forms: How reliable?


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I have recently come across some entries on attestation forms giving very detailed descriptions of previous Volunteer and TF experience. I am used to vaguer descriptions but am wondering how reliable the detailed ones are.



5 V.B Gordon Highlanders

7 Gordon Higlanders (Territorials)

bracketed together with  2years until left the area (or something like that).


Which if it is reliable suggest that he served two years between 1906 and 1909.


I have also found a similar entry except it does not give the number of the volunteer battalion.


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Those details certainly chime with the existence of VB pre-1908, followed by their being stood down in that year, and the TF battalions being raised in their stead.  The numbering was different because whereas the VBs had stood separately with their own number sequence, the TF brought them into the same numbering sequence with the regulars and special reserve so that precedence ran consecutively in a logical order.  The transition from VB to TF was not seamless and each man had to be stood down from the former before he could be enlisted in the latter.  This was because the terms and conditions of service were different.

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Thank you.


I have come across one or two (some?) men serving with the Canadians or Australians whose entries about previous service is less specific:


Territorial Force for five years before left for Australa (He left for Australia in 1911, so it must include some time in Volunteers.);

Five years in/ with the Volunteers (From the dates at leas some of it must have been with the TF).


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