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Recently researched my late uncle's RN record and post 1924 records are now held at : Directorate of Personnel Support (Navy)

TNT Archives Services, William Nadin Way,

Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 OBB.

tel:01283 227913 e-mail: navysearchpgrc@tnt.co.uk

I contacted them by e-mail and they told me they had the record and sent an application pack by post. I sent this back with the necessary details and received a copy of the record by return. They are most helpful.

Have found that the following supplier is good at looking for cap tallies:

e-mail Navyblue34@aol.com. They found a RNR (letters only) tally for me recently.

Hope this might be of help to some of you.

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Hello Squirrel,

Are you saying that all Naval Ratings records are held at Derbyshire?

Or was your late uncle from that area?

I am desparately seeking my grandfathers Naval Records but it has proved to be a difficult challenge. I have tried all avenues but I don't know his service number.Is it possible I would be able to get some information from Derbyshire,do you think?

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Guest magrieves


I served for 12 Years in the RN, and my wife is still serving. She is in logistics, which used to be Supply & Secretariat. (admin, personnel, pay etc)

We suggest you also try the following, which used to be named HMS Centurion.

Centurion was the whole navy personnel, drafting, admin, pay, records, the lot, establishment!!

There has been a bit of a structure and role change, but it might be a starting point for you. It may, or may not, but they should be able to help you more, or advise you further.

AFPAA©=(Brackets C) It seems to circle the C by default, but its in brackets.

Centurian Building

Grange Road



PO13 9XA

Good luck


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Hi Mark,

I failed to say that my grandfather would have been in the Navy in the WW1,probably the period 1907 to 1918 or thereabouts.

Someone from this forum has kindly searched the service cards in the archives at Gosport and found no record of my grandfather. I don't know if this is the same place you are referring to?

I have myself been to the National Archives at Kew and failed to find his service number, so I wondered if Derbyshire was the place to try next.

Someone else has also done some searching for me at kew but didn't get round to searching the RNR records and unfortunately he has now left the forum.

So, I have quite a problem here as I know roughly the year my grandfather was born but I don't know where.

I have his marriage certificate and his death certificate.

I also have his marriage photograph.

Being a Navy man yourself,perhaps you could help me. On his wedding photograph

he is in his Navy Uniform, his shirt or jumper underneath is navy coloured,he is holding his hat which is all navy,no white and I can see the letters HMS in gold.

The other thing is on his right sleeve,low down about 6 - 8 inches from the cuff he has 3 chevrons,have you any idea what these would be for?

If you could help me in any way I would be most grateful.

Many thanks,


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