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Identifying a photographer (IR 21) Bulgaria etc 1915-18


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7 hours ago, GreyC said:

Yours seems to come from the regimental history

Yes, it does. Thanks for the interesting explanation, I had wondered what they were doing.


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On 12 December 1922, Edith Dorothea Elfrieda Sielaff married Max Paul Zieske, Unteroffizier im Infanterie Regiment 4. Groom's address given as the Artillerie-Kaserne in Kolberg, bride's as Börsenstrasse 20.

Photo from Ancestry:




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Ah -- so it didn't work out for Emil and Edith then.....

Thanks for that.

So here are some of the second set of numbered prints. These are much lower quality prints on thinner, matte paper and many are slightly off square so I suspect they may be second generation prints or prints made by one of the processes described above. The images themselves are clear but the prints lack contrast.

The main subject of this first set of 20 (there are 50 total) appears to be the arrival of IR 21 in Bulgaria and being greeted by Bulgarian military and political leaders.

















Does the above show German Naval Officers?(Right smiling at camera?)IR21seq2_018a.jpg.e16649023fe22d7f621298b99d5d827c.jpgIR21seq2_019a.jpg.8c130bd1cd455e6412c5e42b03cc7c3e.jpg


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Picture is not great as you say - this is about the best I could do.


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Thanks. That helps. Imperial German Navy. The first medal is the Austrian Orden der Eisernen Krone 3. Klasse. That´s why I wasn´t sure at first, if German or Austrian navy. But he is a German Navy officer, could be a Korvettenkapitän (three middle-sized rings).


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I think the last medal is Ottoman (Imtiaz medal?).


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That is well possible, with clasp. Maybe an officer formerly from the Breslau or Goeben.


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On 11/08/2021 at 22:51, GreyC said:

I do indeed have a couple of these rare photos, Charlie, but can´t get to all of them right now. Yours seems to come from the regimental history. Interesting to note that a few prints were in the process of being developed while the photo of the lab itself was taken. See the little frames on the window sills. They are the contact frames into which the photographic paper was placed face to face with the negative (like a sandwich) and placed into the sun which then started its magical process and transfered the image from the negativ to the positive print in broad daylight. In German these papers were called Auskopierpapier (Printing-Out Paper). You could watch the latent image to appear and then end the process when the paper was fully developed. It had to be fixated and rinsed and when dry was ready for distribution.

Here you have a couple of mine:

1) Ulanen wait for the image to materialize

2) Drying and sorting the photos in the Argonnen

3) Order to reproduce 25 photos of the image on the obverse

4) A Potsdam photographer now with a Landsturm-Bataillion

A picture from the regimental history of Reserve-Ersatz-Regiment 3 showing a postcard seller.


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