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Gillian Hazell

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Could anyone help me interpret the attached taken from my great grandads RAF service record. He served from 1918 to 1919 only, in North Russia. He was a photographer so I guess he was recruited for reconnaissance. I don't understand the abbreviations used on his record, although I gather one part is about him losing his rank for selling something in the stores or maybe stealing something and then selling it?? It wouldn't surprise me if it was an alcohol related incident!

Thank you



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Hi Gillian, and welcome.


I can't help with the abbreviations but more knowledgeable members should be along shortly.


But by coincidence we very recently had this thread about the RAF in North Russia.



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RD = Recruit Depot

TDS = Training Depot Station

NACB  = National Army Catering Board

Kalyan is a hospital ship that was sent to Archangel in winter 1918 returning to England in June 1919.  

He appears to have been a clerk, photographers were usually classed as observers and I can't see them flying many reconnaissance missions in the depths of the Russian Winter

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Wonder what the stores were that he illegally sold?

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