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Remembered Today:

CPO David Garrett HMS Maori Claim of Murder of POW at Langemoor (Soltau) interesting case


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Just on a trawl, and found as a point of that this officer an SCO?  was interned at Soltau. 

I recall seeing a few years ago, in the national archives, samples of a proposed war crimes tribunal against German officers and soldiers, unsure if this casefile was in it.

Garretts vessel  was sunk, as this grand forum has pointed out in earlier posts, and the crew captured. 

The card does say death following stab wound.

There is a newspaper relating to the event in 1918.


Germany: Prisoners, including: British prisoners in Germany, including: Report on... | The National Archives


Prisoners of the First World War | International Committee of the Red Cross - View the records (icrc.org)


Also this which has him as an engine room artificer with an address in 122 Percy Road Southsea. In each entry the dates and numbers are a little out. 




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Alleged that Chief Petty Officer (ERA1?) David Garrett of HMTBD Maori, interned at Langenmoor, was beaten, bayoneted and kicked by German soldiers until paralysed; and died 15 days later. 






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Thanks for the information on this, great work. Absolutely tragic and unneccesary violence. 

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