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4th Rifle Bde postings in 1914

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A little of topic but pls bear with me.


Have been cross referencing detachments of the Lahore Div. before they embarked for France. Came across multiple refs where I struggle to separate the detchments from the 4th Rifle Bde and those of the 2nd North. Fus. My problem centres on Dagshai. The Army List show the 4th Rifle Bde leaving Dagshai for Delhi in November 1913. I believe though they left a detachment behind. However by the published Army relief's on March 1914 they are again in Dagshai now under orders for Peshawar.  By the start of the war they are still at Dagshai and the subsequent Army List's dont ref any time at Delhi.


Anybody have any better ideas of their movements November 1913 through August 1914 ?




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I don't know if it relevant for your research, but Dagshai was a summer hill station cantonment, and soldiers would be moved back and forwards  from their base cantonment when the weather got hot. However, often only part of the regiment would be moved to the hill station cantonment at a time for a few months, that batch would return, and another batch would be sent. Over winter hill station cantonments probably would only have sufficient men to maintain the cantonment, as there would generally be snow in winter.

The summer season for hill station cantonments  was approximately late April/early May to early October.  Probably varied according to location.



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Posted (edited)

Thanks Maureen. 

I am definitely seeing troops at Dagshai through the winter season 1913/1914. Ref’s I have for pre-war show a Bn stationed at Dagshai year round with additional detachments from Ambala in the summer months. Not sure if this was still the case by the start of the war. How many troops were there in the summer 1914 I am still trying to understand. The 4th Rifle Bde garrisoned there and a detachment of the 2nd Northumberland Fus. From Ambala may be the answer to my query but I cant find a definitive ref for the size of the 4th Rifle Bde contingent.

Thanks for your help. Any further thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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