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Whereas the majority of those who fell in battle in WW1 were afforded a simple wooden battlefield cross to mark their grave. However it appears that officers were given a much more elaborate cross as per this one made for great uncle 74664 Corporal Sidney Herbert Blackmore.


How was a decision made as to the type of cross afforded to a soldier and who made them? Why would a Corporal have had a more elaborate cross put at the head of his grave? 


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A quick look at the CWGC records shows he was the only one to die on that day from his unit, so wasn’t killed in battle


Soldiers died in the Great War gives a rough cause of death as died, more would be available off his pension records.  

but most of all the respect he was held by his comrades would be possible for the cross shown in the photograph


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5 hours ago, Chesterboy said:

" ...... but most of all the respect he was held by his comrades would be possible for the cross shown in the photograph......"


Born in 1867 a 49 year old corporal, with prior service in the Gloucestershire Regiment and Territorial Efficiency Medal (earned as a Gloster), he would certainly have been held in high esteem by his comrades when he died of meningitis in 1916.  This is reflected in his RE Signal Detachments efforts regarding his grave and it clearly was them who arranged this tribute.  Most who died on Mudros, Lemnos in the military hospitals during the Gallipoli Campaign had a far more impersonal burial.  A nice touch.  A Garrison remained in Lemnos after the Gallipoli evacuation and your relative was likely a part of this on his death in 1916.  I see the typical "IHS" on his comrades tribute but cannot make out the script above it but it seems likely to be the date?.  You will see below your family added "Peace, Perfect Peace" to his replacement IWGC stone below.



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IWGC Headstone
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Thank you TullochArd for the information and the pic of the headstone. Very much appreciated 

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