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I am helping a friend research some family history, and a name has come up of a man whose medals are reported to have been lost. My contention is that he never had any medals to lose. Or could they have been from WW2?

The only place that the man's name appears is in the index to Forces War Records. According to this he was in the RAMC in 1919, and as a Sergeant in the Devonshire Regiment in 1937, with the same number. He is John Thomas Pellew, number 7251530, born in 1900. He is listed on his local War Memorial as one who served and returned after the War.

Can anything be deduced from these few facts?


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My thoughts:


7251530 was part of the new Army Number system, this being issued c June 1919.  There are service records for near numbers but they are older men with previous service who re-enlisted. The number falls in the block issued to RAMC. I cannot deduce any more from that number.


His age, born on 1/6/1900, suggest he would not have served overseas by the end of the war but he could always have lied about his age. He could however have been in the Army before 11/11/18, for example in a Training Battalion.


The minimum age for overseas service remained at 19 until the spring of 1918, when it was lowered to 18 and 6 months providing the soldier had had a minimum of 6 months training.  He will thus not have reached 18yrs 6mths until after 11/11/18.


There is no obvious MIC for him.


His Service record is presumably still held by MoD Glasgow so application needed there. There is a long long wait I suspect.


I noted his name came up with the TF  6th Devons, between 1929 (a Pte) and 1936 (a Sgt) in newspaper reorts about shooting matches.



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This is a Pellow with that service no in an Absent voters list on FmP


If it is he , he was born "Pillew" as you have in your OP, not Pellow


He is serving as Thos, not John but he may (or may not) be the same man. You need to check on whether your man was at that address, and that he did not have a sibling that could cause confusion



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Dai Bach y Sowldiwr

There are no matching Pellows or Pellews in the MOD list of Post 1921 records they hold:

No Pillews at all.

Nothing similar for 1900 borns.

Disclaimer: The lists are known to be incomplete, and only contain those with a DOB up to 31/12/1900.


P55315        PELLEW FH1871-02-23

587284/25  PELLEW N1888-07-06

P18278        PELLEW VHH1881-05-07

P167090      PELLEW WS1888-08-18

NULL           PELLOW C1900-12-04

P38754       PELLOW CJ1881-06-05

P20806       PELLOW EC1892-04-23

P144162    PELLOW MC1893-06-18

The number 251530, isn't picked up in any of the Excel spreadsheets.


Is this the man in question?:

Births Sep 1900   (>99%)
PELLEW  John Thomas    Torrington  5b 425
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Sorry about my lack of response. I wrote the reply below a day or two ago and forgot to press the "Submit Reply" button.


Thanks for your thoughts. I am sure that John Thomas Pellew, born Torrington is the man in question, despite some errors.

DBYS: Where can one access the MOD list you mention - I have another name I wish to pursue.

Charlie962: Where have found his exact date of birth?


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5 hours ago, tootrock said:

Charlie962: Where have found his exact date of birth?

Baptism record Langtree Devon  John Thomas Baptised 17/6/1900 Son of John Harris and Emily Pellew

School Admissions 1912 John Thomas Pellew, born 1/6/1900 Son of John of Hill Cottage Langtree.

Deaths Newbury 1973 John Thomas Pellew born 1/6/1900



All these on FindmyPast and probably Ancestry.



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