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Remembered Today:

A german M16 helmet found in a flea market in France this week.

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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I found this german M16 helmet in a flea market in southern France. The guy who was selling it just knew that it was "something german from the war". I was quite happy to discover this gem in the middle of old newspapers, glasses and plates. I thought it was almost impossible nowadays to find something like that in flea markets.....

So, I just share it with you as you are all interested by the history of the Great war.  This helmet has been untouched for a century. Abandonned in a dusty attic among spiders and rust. I guess it was probably brought back home from the trenches by a french soldier.  Who knows what this soldier saw in this hell and why he wanted to bring this helmet home ? And who was the german soldier who wore it ? Did he die on the battlefield ? Did he survive ? We will never know it.


BUT. I discovered something hand written on the liner. Extremely hard to read. I tried to play with the contrast of the photo but still.... It's almost impossible to read. Looks like "Freidrich" ? Oh god, I have no clue.
I would love to be able to get a name










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Nice find in decent condition (notice also the remains of the original chinstrap). It's a pity somebody drew a swastika on the side...

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for your comment. A swatiska ?

Oh yes, you are right !! I didn't see that. There is a damned swatiska on the side ! Maybe some kids played with it during the 50s.

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