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On the Antiques Roadshow on May 9th there was a trench art portrait of a WW1 Soldier Leonard Macdonald Baldwin brought in by one of his relatives.

The story that accompanied the picture was that Leonard had been part of a Stretcher party searching for the wounded.

The party came across a wounded German.

The majority census of opinion was to 'finish' him off.

Leonard disagreed and convinced the rest of them to spare his life and so they took the German to a field hospital where he recovered and was held as a prisoner.

After the War the two men corresponded and the grateful German and Leonard became great friends and met regularly for decades.

I believe both lived into their eighties and always held their 'special' day on the anniversary of the day the Germans life was spared.

As far as I can ascertain Leonard was born around 1890, married in 1915 and died in 1975.

He served in the Royal Sussex Regiment (9275) and the East Surrey Regiment (28140) and was awarded the Military Medal.

Did anyone else see this programme and does anyone have any other input to what I thought was a heart warming and uplifting event during such a brutal War ?


This is the 'Trench Art' segment of the Antiques Roadshow May 9th 2021 which tells his story during and after WW1  -




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Thanx for posting this video

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Yes, I did see it, very moving.



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I saw it, and thought it was a rather nice story.

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Same here. And I liked the portrait!

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Some of his service record survives FMP link to his East Surrey service and for his Royal Sussex time too link

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