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Royal Army Service Corps medal, Ireland, 1913

Gordon Bannerman

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Gordon Bannerman

I wonder if anyone can help me with a query relating to the Royal Army Service Corps. Apparently it didn't have the prefix 'Royal' until 1918. However I have a medal from the Royal Army Service Corps inscribed with the date 1913 and for service in Ireland. 

My question is was it a Royal Corps in Ireland (with the historically separate establishment from the British Army) or was it perhaps issued posthumously with the new name?

Also, was it accorded the 'Royal' prefix on account of its wartime record?   

All comments welcome     

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Yes, the Army Service Corps received the Royal honour after the Great War ended in 1918. It was given for their service during the war. Could you post images of the medal you have? That might help to identify it.


All the best,



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Gordon Bannerman

Hello Gary,


Many thanks for your reply. I just looked again at the medal and sure enough, it only says, 'Army Service Corps in Ireland.' It was my mistake about the 'Royal'! However, it is an interesting medal and the date is ominous of course: amid the unrest in Ireland, and on the eve of the Great War.    


Many thanks.



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