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Remembered Today:

"The Man Who Shot the Great War" (George Hackney)


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Up late last night (checking the rising creek!) - I found an interesting documentary on Amazon (which also appears to be available as a DVD) I had not heard of it or the subject matter previously.

It is about the personal photographs of Lance Corporal George Hackney (14th "Young Citizens" Bn RIR, 36th Ulster Div) - while there is some exploration/speculation about the impact of his wartime experiences on his personal religious beliefs - the photographs shown are really impressive. It is clear he was an accomplished photographer who took photos of extraordinary quality under very difficult conditions.


The photographs were held at the time the documentary was made, in the RIR musuem.


The DVD was released in 2016 and I'm not sure how this had slipped under my radar (as it combines two of my great interests - WWI and Photography)  but thought I would mention it in case other Pals had missed it. I did a quick forum search and did not find a mention of the title.

There is also an accompanying book (by Mark Scott and Tim Collins) of the same title which I will seek out.







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