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Zonnebeke Redoubt

Arne Vandendriessche

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Hello everyone.


You have probably heard of Bremen Redoubt.

And maybe some of you have already been in it in the 90's.
There are several sources on the internet about the Bremen redoubt.
A little further you have Pommern Redoubt just over a kilometer from the Bremen Redoubt. Pommern Redoubt is located at Pommern Castel. There are fewer sources on that.
But there is also a Zonnebeke Redoubt where nothing can be found on the internet. Does anyone know anything about this dugout?
In the appendix the indication of Bremen, Pommern and Zonneke Redoubt on trench maps.

The dugout is located somewhere here: https://www.google.be/maps/place/50°51'55.1"N+2°58'19.9"E/@50.8654694,2.9723048,325m/data= ! 3m1! 1e3! 4m6! 3m5! 1s0x0: 0x0! 7e2! 8m2! 3d50.8653056! 4d2.9721866

Greetings Arne.

Pommern Redoubt.jpg

Bremen Redoubt.jpg

zonnebeke reoubt.jpg

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These redoubts were not dugouts, but German fortifications of the Wilhelmstellung, see my books "Bouwen aan het front" and "Defending the Ypres Front 1914-1918".


Bremen Redoubt (the trenches) was Brandenburg-Werk, Zonnebeke Redoubt was Grotemolen-Süd. The dugout Bremen Redoubt was built by the British in the winter 1917-1918 if I recall correctly.



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Greetings Arne

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Arne, there is an old forum thread here that has information and a positive map reference for Zonnebeke Redoubt.

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