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Remembered Today:

Medals Scrapped - Guarantee not signed = Frank GOSS


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Another gap in my knowledge ...1729282637_GOSSF.(BRCS).png.8c0a0a74cec91925023734f7ae195ba0.png


Image courtesy of Ancestry - with thanks

Hoping the forum could perhaps help explain the "Guarantee" bit please.

[Not to sell them ??? - got that somewhere in the back of my brain but not at all sure where from]


:-/ M

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Added the image of the MIC that was intended/under question - it probably helps!
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From a similar enquiry thread of mine in this sub-forum:



"The MIC for Frank Goss, also BRCS, has "Medals scrapped. Guarantee not signed" written on it.

Both Ralph and Frank Goss were members of the Friends Ambulance Unit, so were possibly Quakers. There is further information about them (including photographs) on the website https://fau.quaker.org.uk "


Thank you @tootrock

I had also fleetingly wondered about Quakers, or similar Non-Conformists, as a possibility [as potentially likely to renounce any medal reward for their services]


= Still, not seen these sort of declarations on MIC before - so still seeking further info, as I trust of likely interest to others too.

In hope ...

:-) M


Edit: Thanks to the FAU website we can see that Frank Goss had an Absolute Exemption as a Conscientious Objector - thus his Quaker FAU service it would seem.

Valuable service, but in a different way.

Doesn't look like he wanted his medals whichever way.

:-) M

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