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sniper scope info needed

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i have 3 German  Oigee scopes , two are commercial and the one i just acquired has numbers on it , anyone know if this is military , Oigee manufactured both , this is the oldest one i have 





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I'd suggest 'Gnomet' is the model name. On the opposite side of the turret the numbers indicate a magnification of 2 1/2x and an objective lens diameter of 12.5mm.


I've seen these described as WW2 sniper scopes elsewhere, but I've no solid information on date. There's no clear indication of military ownership.

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a colleague of mine, specialized in scopes and such for the period around WW1 told me that it is definitely not WW1 or Reichswehr.

The WW1 numbers started at roughly 30.000 and ended around 75.000. He told me, that the company did not produce scopes for the German Army  in WWII, so he reckons civil use sometime in the 30s..



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Oigee seem to have produced scopes in WW1, but not the Gnomet model. 


Advertisements from the inter-war era (which you can see if you scroll through https://www.germanhuntingguns.com/about-the-guns/scopes/ )

advertise the Gnomet for "kleinkaliber-waffen" which even with my rudimentary German sounds as if it refers to small calibre (ie not military) weapons. 


There's some stuff on other patterns of Oigees in military use at https://snipercollection.com/category/1900-to-1918/prussian-scopes/oigee-berlin/

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my research shows correct , not military but commercial ,and a fella in London got back to me and said the mounts appear to be vintage weaver for a Springfield 1903


no way this scope is WW2 era .its at least WW1 era'ish, all due respect and no offense to your scope guy , he must have not seen the pics ,Oigee started to bell the eye piece in WW1 , i have a OIGEE LUXOR 3x that proves this and there is a fair amount of info on the LUXOR 3x out there that place it in use in WW1 , its possible the scope i am researching may predate WW1


WW2 they were belling the eye piece and the objective end , have one of those as well , OIGEE most definitely produced scopes for the German Military in both Wars ,the difference is the military scopes were always serial numbered to the rifle , i do not believe that is what the numbers on the  scope in question are , WW1 the serial numbers were prefixed with "GEW" for "GEWEHR" , as in GEWEHR 98 or 88 not that ive ever seen a scoped 88 , in WW2 the S/N were suffixed with letters as K98's were


i dont really collect weapons from WW1 , i do have a DANZIG GEWEHR 98 that was later converted to K98 configuration to serve in the 2nd war , and multiple GEW 88 rifles that predate WW1, i have a couple battle field damaged 88 rifles , i will throw them up in another thread , some 88's were used in WW1 so they are relevant to the forum , about 20 + years ago i purchased over 200 Gew 88 rifles that were imported , the battle field damaged rifles were mixed in with them 


here are some pics of my other 2 OIGEE scopes , the 4x is missing the locking knob , if anyone has a line on where i can grab one i would be eternally grateful , i have to put a call into a fella that does resto work on vintage scopes im fingers crossed he has one or can fabricate one , the 2 earlier versions im thinking of letting go since they are not only commercial they do not fit my collecting focus and use the dough to buy something that is , just want to know exactly what i am selling before throwing a tag on them


thanks for the replies









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6 hours ago, hoopharted said:

scope guy

The scope guy did not say that this company did not produce scopes for the German Army in WW1, he said that the number shown does not fit the listed numbers for WW1 which went from around 30.000 to 75.000-


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well , every indication points to a small caliber commercial scope , so i have a 1940 Springfield .22 cal " S L LR " that i had a 60''s Weaver V22 on it , swapped scopes out since both were 7/8 tubes and it looks great on it

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