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unit marking identification - long lee

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Wondering if anyone has an opinion on the markings stamped into the tang of the butt of a CLLE. Tentitivly identified one set as 8th Battalion Royal Scotts but am completely at sea with the rest.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Well, I suppose it is dated 2 (19)10, but it is almost as if a final letter is missing for a '1st/5th of the D'

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I suggest you change your forum name. The GWF is a public forum and your email will get picked up and you will get spammed.

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Open Bolt

8th Royal Scots (Pioneer) seems quite possible - and 2/10 RS were "famous" too for going to Russia but were in Ireland until late in the war. Pure guesswork but 1/5th DCLI were another pioneer battalion that might have had an MLE offloaded onto them, and there are of course other 1/5 Ds too, such as as Devonshires.

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