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Dennison Mk 6 compass info reqd

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I have just discovered a Dennison compass that belonged to my grandfather Lieutenant John Pitt. It is a Mk 6 and has the serial number 117554, dated 1916. I am confused as there is a different number inside the case of 101691. There is a letter M beneath this. Any information would be very welcome please. Thank you.



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Dennison are best known for making cases for the makers of watch movements, and you get many examples of watches up to the 1960s where there is a Dennison case number (usually inside the case) and then a different watch maker's number on the movement - and in the case of War Office issued watches, a government number on the outside of the case as well.  It was fairly normal for manufacturers like Rolex, Longines, etc to send movements over to be cased in the UK by Dennison - all to do with import duties I think.  Anyway what we have here is a compass in what is essentially a watch case.  I would suggest that the number on the outside of the case is its WO number (it seems to have been added after the rest of the script, ie after it left the factory) and that on the inside its manufacturer's number.

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