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9th Battalion Essex Regiment- Harold Jackson Wyatt

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Hope you are all well!


I'm currently research my great uncle, Harold Jackson Wyatt. Born: 1894 and was killed in action on the 18th Oct 1916. 

Through my own research i have found that the 9th battalion Essex regiment was trying to gain control of bayonet trench on the date that he was killed. 

From asking my grandmother from what I can make out was that sadly he got hit by either a grenade or bomb and sadly there was nothing left of him. 

I am hoping that someone could shed a little more light on the days leading up to his death and maybe someone has pictures of the 9th battalion as my family and I only have one picture of him and we would love to see some more. 

His reg number is 43420 and his rank was Pte 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Many thanks for your quick response! 
Its extremely interesting to discover all these details. 


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Hi Dani


From Harold's effects statement you will see that his mother, Annie, received a gratuity of £3. Hopefully somebody will come along to translate this into a length of service more accurately than I can. There are also two pension claims by Annie. 


You may be interested to know that, from CWGC records, 26 men of the 9th Essex died that day, with only 5 having known graves. Looking at the concentration reports of the three subsequently reburied at Grevillers British Cemetery, there are two map references used: 57c N 20 A 6 0 and 57c N 20 C 2 4. Using a site such as Tmapper, you can get a current map view and trench map view of where the bodies were concentrated from.


Hope This helps


Kind Regards



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jay dubaya

Sadly the War Gratuity payment of £3 only suggests less than 12 months service, a look at similar Leicestershire numbers may suggest an enlistment of early February 1916 but without further evidence it's impossible to say which Leicestershire battalion he went overseas with. There may appear to have been a draft of reinforcements from the Leicestershires to the Essex - see 43412 Pte Ward, 9th Essex, KiA same date, his concentration and grave registration reports both have him as 24634 Leicestershire. The concentration report for 43551 Pte Fenton also shows at least 3 unknown Essex casualties recovered from the same location, I haven't yet looked at all the concentration reports for the cemetery and it may be that Harold is buried as one of these unknown Essex soldiers. These remains along with those named were recovered from No Man's Land in front of Bayonet Trench by the 182nd Labour Company around mid October 1919 and finally laid to rest at Grevillers british Cemetery. The map references mentioned by Derek are consistent with the immediate area around Bayonet Trench just north west of Gueudecourt. 



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Thank you all for your amazing work and help! 

My family and I are finding this really interesting! 

kind regards, 


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