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What can you tell about this unit?


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I would like to know which German unit was 'visiting' Antwerp (capital of Belgium during the war) in 1914.

On the photo the train (in front of Antwerp station) has been tagged with "Einzug in Antwerpen 1914"(raid of Antwerp)

On the bumper of the train there are letters (in Old German alphabet) marked that may identify the unit as ...JEBN 10?

If I'm not mistaking I see two officers and about 40 soldiers. Despite black and white photo, the uniforms have different colours.


Thanks for helping me out,




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it is FEBK 10= Feldeisenbahn-Betriebskompanie 10. So a unit responsible for running field-railway tracks and locomotives.


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Thank you!

In case anyone is interested: the train is identified as a Prussian (Gattung) G7.2 type, built between 1907 and 1912 at Hannover-Linden (Hanomag: Hannoversche Maschinenfabrik AG).

in the back we see the entrance of the Antwerp station hangar; you can barely see one to two flanking turrets; they were broken down in early 1970's.


About the soldiers:

Can you also tell from the picture the differences in uniforms (and if possible the colors) as well as some of the ranks?

Which brigade they were attached to, ...

There are soldiers of different units.

Sitting on the train (just in front of the boiler lid) there's the company commanding officer ( I assume a captain)(Prussian blue suit/hat with visor/officers collar/ sleeves marking unclear).

In the middle we see an officer, probably stationed in Antwerp (grey suit/hat with visor/officers collar/Swedish type sleeves?), along with an NCO (grey suit/hat with visor/rounded collar) on his left side and two accompanying soldiers on his right. I guess they're paying a visit to the railway troops and took a photographer along with.




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57 minutes ago, Jorre said:

Thank you!

In case anyone is interested .............


I certainly was interested and am most grateful for your kind and informative contribution.  Thank you Jorre.   I'm always fascinated (and puzzled) with the Germanic attraction to floral decoration on military photographs ..... which is obviously quite apparent here ...... and clearly not camouflage related.

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