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I was wondering if anyone could explain the ICRC / Red Cross procedure for reporting on British soldiers who died or died of wounds behind German front line.


As an example.....


7873 Pte. Robert CAMPBELL, 1st Black Watch


9/May/1915 ..... Battle of Aubers Ridge

22/May/1915 ..... reported missing in Daily Record

7/June/1915 ...... date of German Totenliste / unknown grave (ICRC document)

12/June/1915 ..... above document given ICRC date stamp


At the moment, I am assuming he died at Aubers. How long after he actually went missing

would it have appeared in the papers ?


As there is no known grave, did the Germans just gather up i.d. discs off bodies as they

lay, and then produce the Totenlisten to forward on to the ICRC ?


The date of death on CWGC website is given as 12/June1915. Was this normal that

the ICRC report date was used for this, as almost certainly it was not the actual date

of death ?




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The wrong date of death for a bunch of Black Watch men, who likely died in late October and early November 1914, are recorded by CWGC as Died PoW in June 1915.



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