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Scottish horse officer

George Macdonald

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Good evening everyone 

looking for any information concerning a officer of this regiment 

2nd lieutenant Douglas Macdonald,langside glasgow

in 1916 he transferred to the Lovat scouts (10th Cameron’s)

any assistance would be much appreciated 


Edited by George Macdonald
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The mother website The Long, Long Trail (see link in top left of the page) describes the 10th Camerons thus:

"10th (Lovat’s Scouts) Battalion
Formed in Cairo on 27 September 1916 from dismounted 1/1st and 1/2nd Lovat’s Scouts (Yeomanry units).
20 October 1916 : moved to Salonika and there attached to 82nd Brigade in 27th Division.
June 1918 : left the Division and moved to France, attached to Lines of Communication."

See Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders – The Long, Long Trail (longlongtrail.co.uk)

The War Diary for the 10th Camerons, while attached to 82nd Brigade, has not yet been digitised.

Maybe when Kew re-opens, some kind visitor may get you a copy.

Kindest Regards,


P.S. Your typo should be 'Langside', Glasgow.

WO 95-4896 - 01 May 1916 to 30 Nov 1919 - not digitised.jpg

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Tom,Thankyou for you information concerning this

i will hopefully get this when opened again

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