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Christmas Truce memorial on Google Maps


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Sometimes I use Google Maps and Street View (although I prefer not to) to show my students sites of the Great War to give an impression of the landscape nowadays. Last week I tried this with the Christmas Truce memorial, it's also a good site to show the opposite trenches.

When I tried to zoom in on the location I only got Google data from the time before the memorial was built.

All the Street View data in the area was collected in 2018-19, only the part of the Huttebergweg between Mesenstraat and Christmas Truce memorial is made up of data from 2008.

Does anyone know whether this was on purpose or not? Maybe something about the Mafia UEFA?

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It is almost there on Google Earth on the downloaded version

Google Earth



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Yes, it's also possible on Google Maps, but on the left they show a picture of the Khaki Chums cross instead of the memorial. And on Street View the view is blocked if you get too close.





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