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On my grandfathers WW1 records, he received a war pension and his disability form shows AA15990 M.Gas Shell Sev (Poisng) b or C 1378 Hd28.10.17) to England 4.11.17, my interpretation is he was severely poisoned with Mustard Gas on 28.10.17 and sent to England on 4.11.17, the questions I have are 1) What is AA15990 2)What is b (or) C 1378.The next line has AU21912 GS...probably Gun Shot Wound as he went on to be injured twice more before his discharge in 1919. I have tried all methods but can't seem to find any sensible interpretations. Can anyone here help? cheers GG

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I think the first line reads HA 15990. These are lists of sick & wounded usually admitted to hospital but NB. HA does not stand for Hospital Admission, it seems to used primarily for France whereas HB lists are within UK.


Examples of HA & HB lists here:

After the HA 15990 I think you have an H & a P combined into an abbreviation for Hospital. So, to sort of contradict myself in this case the HA 15990 list is a list of men admitted to a HP or Hospital in France.


Can't offer much for C1378 although I think this event would be recorded and make it into an official casualty list. C1378 could be an intermediary list or memo regarding inclusion in a Casualty List.


The second line is probably another HA list but thus time written as Ha and it being a higher number is a later list.



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Thanks TEW I have a copy of the HB 8726 list which shows admission to Graylingwell, he was injured a further twice before discharge so presumably HB 15990 is admission to hospital in France prior to then sending him back to England (possibly his second wounding) which would make sense if HA15990 was admission in France. Will have a dig around these forums for a while, it's very interesting. Thanks...

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