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Finding a Solider from 1911 Census

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Just looked at the 1920 Electoral Register for Hammersmith.


At 7 South Cottages there is

Sarah Southam Bovington, (Jessies' widowed mother, aged 61 and head of the household on the 1911 Census, so likely to have qualified for the vote in 1918)

Agnes Augusta Bovington, (Jessies unmarried sister, aged 29, on the 1911 Census, so would have qualified on age grounds for the vote in 1918, just not sure about the property side requirement)

John Ward


On the next page at 7 South Street there is James Henry Ward and Mary Ann Harriett Ward.


James and Mary appear to be a complete red herring that unfortunately probably just appear on the same double page display as a result of the way the information is displayed in Ancestry.




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43 minutes ago, HistoryEnthusiast said:


Frustratingly, the John Ernest Ward baptism from Ancestry just lists father as a soldier:

A note regarding the name Montague Mews on some searches and modern maps it is spelt without the e "Montagu".





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