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Alawites/Nusayris and other Syriac Christian groups

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Sorry this subject come up on the other site, but I am not aware of these men?


He mentions


"one thing I'm curious about is what role Alawites/Nusayris played during WWI"


I known the Ottomans took into their forces a number of these so called groups known as the Gonullu Sistemi (volunteer System) religious and political influences the following volunteer system was organized


He also mentions


"On that note, I found some interesting info on Alawites/Nusayris in the Ottoman Army; many served in the 77th Regiment of the 9th Infantry Division. This according to Mesut Uyar in Ottoman Arab Officers between Nationalism and Loyalty during the First World War.
An article on the Regiment by Al-Jazeera can be read here at The forgotten Arabs of Gallipoli "


I had no record of where or when or who, formed into the Arab Regts before the war (72nd and 77th), and who later ended up on Gallipoli under 19th Div and Kemal to meet the Anzac landing.


What is known;


The 77th Regt was formed for the 26th Div around Aleppo Syria pre war (76th, 77th and 78th Regts) 


The 72nd Regt was formed for the 24th Div in Syra/Palestine pre war (2nd, 3rd and 72nd Regts) 


But no other Regts formed for a number of Div's in Syria/Palestine were known as Arab that I can find, but the 23rd Div, 25th and 27th Divs were known as Arab Divisions


Any ideas here?






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