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Just curious, but can anyone tell me what this was? CWGC lists a single casualty with this as the unit, Sjt Major W Newton who died on 15 August 1920 and is buried at Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery. A google search gives me nothing.


https://www.cwgc.org/find-records/find-war-dead/casualty-details/634650/W NEWTON/

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I've tried searching around, and you may find something in the thesis listed here - downloadable and searchable, I think. But I can't guarantee whether it will hold the exact answer:

E-theses LSE search, click here

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The Iraq Levies generally are dealt with in both a recent thesis and a semi-official history, now reprinted by Naval and Military Press- ironically, both with the same title. The Browne book is available at a price comfortably  cheaper than a new Jeffry Archer novel........


The history of the Iraq Levies 1915-1932

Young, Robert Vernon Joseph

ProQuest Dissertations Publishing 1997

 This thesis is concerned with the origins and developments of a British-initiated force, known as "The Iraq Levies", which was raised during the Mesopotamian campaign of the First World War...


    Gettable online at most university libraries if there is one near you.



IRAQ LEVIES 1915-1932

Brig. J. G. Browne, CMG, CBE, DSO

Published by Naval and Military Press (2009)

ISBN 10: 1845741609ISBN 13: 9781845741600

Seller: Naval and Military Press Ltd, Uckfield, United Kingdom

Detailed and very scarce history of the Levies, formed 1919 from various wartime irregular units and disbanded when Iraq became independent in 1932. Ops. against the Kurds etc. Awards. Naval and Military Press, 2009.


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Thanks, I'll try and check some of those out.


A general search on CWGC finds 456 WW1 casualties with "Levies" as the unit, these are all either "Arab Levies" or "Military Police and Levies" with the exception of Newton who appears to be unique.

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