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The C.W.G.C New digital way of presenting cases for identification.

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andrew pugh

Good Evening 

This question is really aimed at the fellow forum members who research unknown soldiers. What do you think to the new digital way of presenting evidence to try and ID soldiers to the C.W.G.C. I have always done it the old school way so there has obviously been more paper work for me and for them, but I personally feel that I can be much more thorough with my presentation. I am about to submit a case for 2 casualties of the 1/4th Kings Shropshire Light Infantry. They are buried in Grevillers Cemetery. They are part of a small cluster of named men from this battalion who were killed on the 26/03/1918. The 2 unknowns are buried among them They are Unknown Cpl and an unknown Lance Corporal, These 2 individuals don't have a battalion. All the casualties were concentrated from the old Grevillers German Cemetery. My research leads me to believe that the unknown Corporal is 200599 George Thomas LLoyd and the unknown L/Corporal is L/Corporal 200635 John Ernest Morgan. The war diary puts the battalion around the area of Hebuterne on the 26/03/1918, and I suspect that they were actually all killed on the 25/03/1918 owing to the reporting. I was hoping to submit the case for the 2 of them combined, but it looks like I will have to do them separately. Is there enough space to put all of my evidence on this new way of presenting cases. Has anybody been using this new system? Do I have to condense my evidence and keep it as short as possible. Any advice would be most welcome.

Kind Regards


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ive not submitted any new cases in the last year or so 


I have looked at the details you mentioned and what I see that all I need to put the information together as normal onto a word document and attached to this new electronic submission form


but when I start looking again, I think I will do it by direct email. 

as the case you mentioned above, submit them at the same time as it relates to the same cemetery 



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andrew pugh

Hi Alan 

Thanks for replying. Yes I think your right I will include them together it saves paper and time both for me and the C W G C.

Look after yourself



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