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58 minutes ago, David L said:

Also, and curiously, as my father once remarked 'Why doesn't he have any badges of rank?'.

Probably because they are quite likely to be on the sleeve cuffs of his smart new Service Dress [a single star/'pip' each side for a new 2nd Lt]

I believe similar shoulder ranks badges were often earlier known as 'wind-up' badges - presumably because they were smaller and not so easily seen by the enemy as representing an officer - allegedly indicating an officer had the wind-up or was windy or afraid.

[Officers when especially attacking always were considered prime targets for snipers etc - eventually officers in the field went on to wear tunics like OR (rather than Service Dress), wear webbing like OR (rather than Sam Browne belts), and to carry rifles like OR (rather than revolvers) - all of which sensible precautions I believe were originally thought by some officers as 'wind-up' too].

:-) M

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