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I spent 10 years researching over 350 men and women of my extended family from Canada, USA, Gt Britain, Australia and New Zealand, The result is a fairly comprehensive web site detailing their war experiences. I am making these page available to the members of the War Forum because its the members who helped me the most with my research. While the focus is on men and women with the surnames Blenco, Blencow, Blencowe, Blinco, Blenko, Blincoe , Blincow and Blinko it does contain many other men and women and in these pages details of the activities of the military units below which I hope may be useful to reserachers. Of course the information is subject to correction and I welcome any comments corrections and additions to my work, it is and always be a work in progress.

To view go to https://ww1.blencowe.one-name.net/  password ww1 when required


Units featured  in the 'Blencowes in World War One' website

‘O’ and ‘C’ Battery ‘V’ Bde. Royal Horse Artillery
1/1st Staffordshire Yeomanry, Corps of Hussars.
1/21 Battalion London Regiment (Surrey Rifles)
1/24th London Regiment
1/4th Bn. Coy C. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
1/4th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
1/4th Cheshire Regiment -Signals
1/4th City of London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers).
1/4th East Kent Regiment
1/4th Suffolk Regt., 16th and 1/5th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers.
1/5th (Cumberland) Border Regiment
1/5th (Cumberland) Border Regiment
1/5th South Staffs, 2nd Suffolk Regiment
1/6th Bn. South Staffs Regiment.
1/6th Lancashire Fusiliers
1/7th Bn. Kings Liverpool Regiment
1/7th Brigade Royal Field Artillery (Charlton; Woolwich)
1/8thBn. Kings Liverpool Regiment
1/9th London Regiment (Queen Victoria Rifles).
101st Engineers. US Army
109th Training Bn. KRRC
10th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders
10th Bn. Devonshire Regiment, Labour Corps
10th Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment, 895th AE Coy. Labour Corps.
10th Bn. Kings Liverpool Regiment
10th Bn. Kings Royal Rifle Corps
10th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
10th Bn. Seaforth Highlanders
10th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
10th Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry.
10th Mob. Coy Royal Army Service Corps.
116th Engineers US Army
11th Bn. (The Prince Consort’s Own) Rifle Brigade.
11th Bn. AIF B Coy.
11th Bn. Kings Own Royal Lancashire Regt
11th Bn. North Staffordshire Regiment, 
11th Bn. Rifle Brigade
11th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 6th Bn. Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry.
11th Durham Light Infantry, 2nd T.R. Bn.
12th Bn. East Surrey Regiment, Labour Corps.
12th Bn. Kings Liverpool Regiment
12th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles D Coy.
12th Bn. South Staffs Regt, 
12th Bn. Suffolk Regt.
12th Bn. Suffolk Regt.
12th Lancers, 5th Lancers, Post war- Machine Gun Corps
12th Manitoba Dragoons
12th York Rangers, 74th Bn. CEF, 4th Labour Bn.
13th Battalions AIF.
13th Bn. Durham LI,
13th Bn. Kings Royal Rifle Corps
13th Bn. Middlesex Regiment, 3rd Bn. (Reserves) 
13th Bn. Middlesex Regiment, Labour Corps
13th Bn. Rifle Brigade.
13th Labour Bn. Royal Berks Regt.
13th London Regiment
13th NZ Reinforcements 2nd Battalion, F Company, 3rd Bn. C Coy.
13th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
141st Heavy Battery (East Ham) RGA
14th Bn. Highland Light Infantry
14th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
14th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
14th Brigade Royal Horse Artillery
14th Kings Liverpool Regt. 
14th London (Scottish) Rifles Regiment
158th Depot Coy, Coy E 146th Infantry, 37th Division. US Army
159th Depot Brigade
15th Brigade. Royal Horse Artillery
15th/17th West Yorkshire Regt.
16th Bn. AIF
16th Bn. Kings Royal Rifle Corps 
16th Reinforcements, New Zealand Royal Artillery, 1st Brigade, 7th Battery.
177th (Simcoe Foresters), 123rd (Pioneer) Bn. 
177th Coy. And 59th Bn. Machine Gun Corps
17th (Reserve) Bn. Rifle Brigade 8th East Surrey Regiment
17th Lancers, GS Lancers
18 Bn. AIF
186th Bde. Royal Field Artillery.
189th Siege Battery RGA
18th Batt Middlesex Regiment
18th Bn. Royal Fusiliers
18th Bn. Welsh Regiment
199th Coy. Army Service Corps. Horse Transport
19th Bn. Rifle Brigade.
19th, 16th, and 6th Bn. Kings Royal Rifle Corps, Army Service Corps.
1st and 1/4th Bn.s. Cheshire Regiment, Labour Corps
1st Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment
1st Bn. Hertfordshire Regt.
1st Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment
1st Bn. Shropshire Light Infantry,
1st Bn. Western Ontario Regiment.
1st Canterbury Infantry Regiment, 'C' Company
1st Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry
1st Engineers 1st Div. US Army
1st FSG Somerset Light Infantry.
1st Grenadier Guards
2/18th London Regiment (London Irish Rifles).
2/24th London Regiment
2/5th The Queen’s Regiment (West Surrey)
2/7th  Bn.Worcestershire Regiment
2/7th Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment
2/8th Battalion Royal Warwicks (TF), 8th Reserves Royal Warwickshire Regiment
20th Bn. Kings Liverpool Regiment
21 Bn.AIF
21st Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers
21st Lancs Fusiliers
21st Sussex Yeomanry
22nd Bn. Manchester Regiment
22nd Bn. Rifle Brigade 
23 Bn. Aust. Infantry
23rd Bn. AIF
23rd Bn. London Regiment,
23rd Royal Welch Regt.
243rd Bde.Royal Field Artillery.
249 Coy, 7th Bn. South Staffs Regiment
24th Bn. AIF
24th Infantry Div
24th MVS, Royal Army Veterinary Corps.
25th Bn. Royal Fusiliers
26 or 27 Coy. Labour Corps
277th Siege Battery, 36th Coy. Royal Garrison Artillery
27th Bn., Middlesex Regiment
29th Battalion Canadian Infantry C Coy.

2/5th  Lancashire Fusiliers
2nd Garrison Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

2nd Battalion South Staffs
2nd Battalion, 1st Wiltshire Regiment
2nd Bn. AIF
2nd Bn. Canadian Mounted Rifles, 13th Company E Bn. Heavy Section MGC/Tank Corps
2nd Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
2nd Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment
2nd Bn. Ox. & Bucks Light Infantry
2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fus.
2nd Bn. Royal Marines Light Infantry
2nd Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
2nd Depot Battalion
2nd Devonshire Regiment.
2nd Div. Army Cyclist Corps
2nd East Surrey Regiment.
2nd Garrison Bn. Liverpool Regiment
2nd Infantry Coy E US Army
2nd Infantry, 34th Infantry Division
2nd Northants Regiment
2nd Suffolk Regiment
2nd/1st (Shropshire) Bty. Royal Horse Artillery
3/13th (Princess Louise’s Kensington) Battalion, London Regiment.
3/1st Essex Yeomanry.
3/22nd Reserves and 2nd Bn. London Regiment, 10th Bn. Kings Royal Rifle Corps.
3/4th Kings Shropshire Light Infantry, 4th and 8th Bn. South Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Royal Fusiliers.
300 Labour Coy
302 Quartermaster Company US Army
306th Brigade Royal Field Artillery.
311 Engineers Repair Co C US army
312 Infantry US Army
312th Infantry Coy F , 78th Division .
314th Engineers US Army
333  Infantry US Army
36th Battalion MGC AIF
39th Bn. Royal Field Artillery
39th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery

336th Infantry, 84th Infantry US Army
37th Bde. Royal Field Artillery

3rd  East Kent Regiment
3rd (Reserve) Bn. Oxford and Bucks LI 
3rd Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment
3rd Bn. Royal West Kent Regiment.
3rd Bn. Scottish Rifles, 6th Highland LI
3rd Bn. South Staffs Regiment.
3rd Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
3rd Bn.. Grenadier Guards
3rd East Kent Regiment
3rd North Midland (230th ) Brigade Royal Field Artillery, 46th Div.
3rd South Staffordshire Regt,
414 Motor Transport Companies, Army Service Corps. Attached to 3rd Calvary Division, 4th Cavalry Division.
41st Reinforcements New Zealand Medical Corps
42nd Bde. Royal Field Artillery
45th Reinforcements New Zealand Expeditionary Force
468th Home Services Employment Coy. Labour Corps
47th Bn. Canadian Infantry
48th Bn. Australian Infantry
48th Bn. Australian Infantry
4th Army Supply Labour
4th Battalion T.F. Northumberland Fusiliers
4th Bn. (Pioneers), 2nd Bn., Coldstream Guards
4th Bn. Dorset Regt

4th Bn. Bedfordshire Regt.
4th Bn. King’s Shropshire Light Infantry,
4th Bn. Middlesex Regt.
4th Bn. Oxford and Bucks LI, Royal Defence Force
4th Bn. Royal Engineers
4th Bn.(Reserves) Royal West Kent Regiment
4th Coy. 37th Divisional Train Army Service Corps.
4th North Staffordshire Regiment, D Coy. 
4th Reserve Bn. Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire LI, 
4th South Midland Brigade. 241st Bde, 243rd Bde. and 186th Bde. Royal Field Artillery.

5th Bn. Suffolk Regt. 53rd Reserve Battery. 

5 Bn. Australian Imperial Force
51st (Graduated) Bn. Hampshire Regiment.
535 Horse Transport ASC 
53rd Leicestershire Regiment
56th Battalions AIF.
56th Infantry, 13th Infantry Bde, 7th Division.
58th, 51st Bn. Queens Royal East Surrey’s, ASC Motor Transport
59 Bn. AIF
59th Pioneer Infantry
5th Bedfordshire Regiment, 2/6th Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derbys) Regt., Royal Army Medical Corps.
5th Bn. Kings Own Royal Lancashire Regt
5th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
5th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
5th Bn. Royal Fusiliers, 1st Bn. Oxon & Bucks Light Infantry
5th Machine Gun Bn. 14th Machine Gun Coy.
61st Battalion AIF.
63rd and 351st Brigade, (Howitzer) Royal Field Artillery.
65th M.G. Coy. 65th Bn. Machine Gun Corps.
69th Machine Gun Company
6th Bn. Ox. & Bucks Light Infantry
6th Bn. Worcester Regt. 
6th Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
6th Ox. & Bucks Light Infantry, 
7 Bn. AIF
703 Coy. 31 Labour Corps, South Command.
70th and 18th Bn.s Canadian Expeditionary Force
7th Bn. East Kent Regiment
7th Bn. Highland Light Infantry
7th Bn. Royal Fusiliers.
7th Bn. South Staffs Regt.
7th Brigade Royal Field Artillery.
7th Development  Coy. 159th Depot Bde
7th Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
7th East Kent Regiment
7th Engineers Canadian Expeditionary Force
83rd Battery, Royal Field Artillery
89th Div. US Army.
89th Infantry Division
8th Bn. 4th (Reserves) Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment, 22nd POW Coy.
8th Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment
8th Bn. East Kent Regiment
8th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
8th Bn. Rifle Brigade
8th Bn. Somerset Light Infantry, 2nd Garrison Bn. Devonshire Regiment
8th Royal Hussars, Depot. Northamptonshire Regiment
96th Territorial Reserve Batt,RDC 
98 Bn. AIF
9th Bn. Gordon Highlanders, 44th Bn. Royal Fusiliers, Labour Corps
9th Bn. Ox. & Bucks Light Infantry
9th Bn. Rifle Brigade
9th Bn. South Staffs Regiment.
9th Bn. Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards)
Army Service Corps MT-Attached to Army Ordinance Corps
ASC 66th East Lancs Division Motor Coy. 
Base Hospital Camp Lewis, Washington. US Army
Canadian Engineers, CEF.
Canadian Expeditionary Force No. 2 Construction Bn.
Chaplains Dept. Attached 1/1 Suffolk Yeomanry (The Duke of Yorks Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars)
Company A, 353rd Infantry, 89 Div
Coy 1 164 Infantry Battalion US Army
Coy A. 52nd Infantry, 6th Division
Coy H, Arkansas 1st Infantry, Coy H 153rd Infantry, HQ Coy 164th Infantry, 39th Division.
D' Coy. 21st Bn. (Yeoman Rifles) King’s Royal Rifle Corps
Essex Regiment, Royal Fusiliers, I London Regiment
Hawke Battalion Royal Naval Division
Household Bn.
Indian Army Service Corps
IX Corps Cylists Battalion,.
Labour Corps, 1/5th Bn. Yorkshire Regiment.
M Coy, 159 Inf. 89th Inf. Bde. 40 Div.
Medical Intern-Doctor Unit 43 'Emory Unit" US Army.
Motor Machine Gun Corps.
No 2 Canadian Veterinary Hospital, Canadian Training School, CGR.
No 2 Stores Depot Women’s Royal Air Force
No 3 Reserve Section -Royal Army Veterinary Corps
No.1 Coy. 2nd Reserve Bn. Royal Engineers
No.14 Officer Cadet Battalion
Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment
NZ Rifle Brigade 12th Reinforcements 2nd Otago Battalion, A Company
Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service
R.M. Gordon Highlanders
Royal Army Service Corps Butcher BI
Royal Defence Corps
Royal Defence Corps
Royal Engineers 1/2 East Anglian) Field Coy. 3/2 East Anglian Field Coy Royal Engineers
Royal Engineers 112th Railway Operating Co.
Royal Engineers Water Transport
Royal Engineers, RE Railway Operating Company
Royal Field Artillery 315 Bde
Royal Garrison Artillery 2nd Depot
Royal Garrison Artillery, 272571, RAF and Hon. 2nd Lieut. Canadian RAF
Royal Irish Fusiliers
Royal Navy

Royal Sussex Regiment Wiltshires
Signal Corps AS Jefferson, AS Signal Corps, 496 AER Squadron
South Lancashire Regiment
Student Army Training Corps US Army
Students Army Training Corps. Mo University, US Army
Territorial Force Nursing Service
US Army 158 Depot Brigade to 8 Aug 1918; Co G 334 Infantry to 6 Oct 1918; Co L 140 Infantry
US Army Flying School
US Army Veterinary Corps
US Army, Canadian Engineers, 2nd Lt. RAF 153152.
US Student Army Training Corps
Voluntary Aid Detachment
Warwickshire Regt
West York Regiment 2nd/10 Bn. Liverpool Scottish Regt.
West Yorks Regt, Royal Army Pay Corps
Worcs. 96th Training Bn., West Somerset Yeomanry, 12thBn. Somerset Light Infantry, 74th Division
Yeomanry (Queens Own Worcs. Hussars), 2/8th Worcestershire Regiment.

Heavy Section Machine Gun Corps, 574th Coy.  ‘E’ Battalion, 

9th Bn. Royal Fusiliers.
889 Coy. Labour Corps.



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