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Quiz. K.I.A or died of wounds as POW


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Died kia or as a pow, 

I know he was 1st Battalion Irish Fusiliers.

he was involved in the rst etreat.

My thoughts... He was in St Quentin, the senior officers there surrendered to the Germans,

He was wounded died as a P.O.W.

Orignally buried at st quentin german military cemetery.


Thanks in advance.





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DoW as PoW obviously as he died on 1 September 1914 in Kriegslazarett des VII. Armeekorps in St. Quentin.



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Casualty Lists show him as Killed on daily list 14/11/14. MIC says KIA. Soldiers' Effects have 27/8/14 In Action.


Possibly the reason for a quiz?



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Hello, and thank you for your time on this.

Even C.W.G.C dates and cause of death.

It was around this time that 2 british officers tried to surrender to the German Army, 

Anyway T.W Barugh was born in India, his father William Barugh 29th Regiment of Foot.

Did T.W Barugh have any previous service?

As i think the unit he served was a regular unit?


thanks again.

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