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Howitzer query


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I haven't got a clue about artillery shells, so some expert help would be much appreciated.


A clip from a war diary is attached, and near the middle of it there is the following statement

" 9 - 2 inch  &  4 - 12 inch howitzers causing great damage to enemy salient."

I think the first one is intended to read 9.2" howitzer (comments please!)

But what is the second howitzer, is it four 12" howitzers or what?






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1 hour ago, Dai Bach y Sowldiwr said:

Which battery  and or brigade is it Billy ?

WO95/5494 will give the calibres of the hows.

Not sure, it is an Infantry war diary, in 74th Brigade, 25th Division.


1 hour ago, jay dubaya said:

I’m reading that as  1 x 9.2” and 4 x 12” Howitzers. 

I like that interpretation (with a 'silent' 1).  Perhaps the diary writer was a bit shell shocked!


Thanks for the replies so far.



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There's probably a record somewhere of which HAGs were in which corps and division at any one time.

I don't think that's in 5494.

Not my field unfortunately.

Edited by Dai Bach y Sowldiwr
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