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Pte Frank Hutley Essex Regiment


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New to this forum so please bear with me.


My Great Grandfather served in WW1 with the Essex Regiment (so did his two brothers, but I do now know which regiment they served in) and he served his time in Egypt. His son, my grandfather is still alive and has his affects from he war in his office. This includes a pocket watch, his medals and his diary. I have scanned in his diary but unfortunately for me, due to my Great Grandfathers hand writing, it is tough for me to even understand what is written. Although I am going over it every now and then and hope to one day get the whole thing full translated! Here is a PDF of his diary for anyone else who might want to have a go at deciphering it.


Jokes aside, I am sure it will be of interest of others. Also among the box of his stuff I came across a ribbon of some sort which I am guessing is part of a uniform? I shall include an image of it (it is a triangle piece of cloth, one half red the other black, might not even have belong to my great grandfather and it could just be something my grandfather placed in there and forgot), along with all the other images I have of my Great Grandfather during WW1.


Will have to break the photos into multiple post on this thread due to file size. 




Here is the mystery piece of cloth (along side Franks medals). No idea what its from.


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The patch looks like a divisional, brigade or battalion arm/shoulder patch for identification.



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The cloth patch looks distinctly like that worn by the 11th Bn Essex Rgt.


The single images of the three brothers show 
Fritz - Lincolnshire Rgt.

Frank - assuming Essex Rgt although the badge appears to be of a star shape such as ASC or similar.

Cyril - Royal Artillery be it Field, Horse or Garrison, the former being most likely


I’ll have a better look later on a bigger screen.

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