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RWF patch help please


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Hello all,

I am trying to find a source on what a man of 1RWF would have worn as his division and brigade patches. I know 7th Division was a white circle on black, but am struggling to figure out the dimensions, and what a man of 22nd Brigade would have displayed and where.

From Chappell's Osprey book I think it's a purple triangle on the sleeve, but I'm very shaky as he states that order of precedence and seniority applies, and that baffles me a little. 

Many thanks


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Hi Jimmy,

Unfortunately the 1 RWF did not wear any cloth patches in the 7 Division.

Chappell's book does indeed say that a scheme of battle patches was introduced in 1916 with the 3 bdes being identified by colour - white, purple and blue and the bns by shape - diagonal cross, circle, horizontal rectangle and triangle.

So according to the above scheme.they should have worn a purple circle but only 5 bns in the Division wore patches.

The 1 RWF would just have worn metal shoulder titles and the 'back flash' worn on the back of the collar.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,



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Correction to the info on the 'back flash', this was only worn.by officers, warrant officers and sergeant's on the battalion staff in WW1.


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The Badges of Kitchener`s Army David Bilton  "The back badge worn by the RWF soldiers of this regiment were distinguishable by the unique feature of the "flash" consisting of five overlapping black silk ribbons (seven inches long for soldiers and nine inches long for officers) on the back of the uniform jacket at neck level."

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This photo often crops up when the wearing of flashes is discussed.  I do not know its date, it might well perhaps be after 1924, as the men in view are clearly rank and file.  It’s intriguing nonetheless.  It must be quite early on as the later practice was to stitch the flash over the collar fold, rather than under it.


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