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Help on Webley MKVI unit markings


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I'm hoping a member will be able to decipher the unit marking stamped on the grip frame of this 1915 Webley MKVI.  I believe the "8.  15." indicates the date the unit acquired the revolver and "6." to be an inventory number.  My best guess is that "8. W. K. " indicates the 8th Royal West Kent Regiment, 24th (New Army) Division.  Could "T." indicate Territorial or perhaps transport?  Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Bill



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W. KT. is the abbreviation for The Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), the T is not an extra letter.




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8th West Kents were a War Service Btn and I believe and went to France in Aug 1915 which matches the date applied. One could imagine the revolver being hastily marked prior to shipping out.


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