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Halfway House


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After a map which shows the Aid posts and dugout positions at Halfway house September 1917. Between September 15th -20th when the A.I.F were there. If someone can please help would be greatly appreciated. Or even a aerial photograph of the area.





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40 minutes ago, DennisF73 said:

Or even a aerial photograph of the area

Dennis, share which unit as it is almost certainly in the Brigade unit war diary.  There are quite a few with this name so I assume you mean near Zillebeke?  Click to enlarge as there wasn't a lot left to photograph in this 9/18 photo inset.



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Hi There,


Thanks for your reply. We are after 5th Division 14th Brigade. Their diaries are mainly filled with the main attack from 20th of September onward.  We have found some info in 3rd Div diaries but not in great detail. Have purchased the 53rd Bn History hopefully that will shed some light.

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Dennis, sorry but I am a bit confused.  The 53 Bn, between 15th and 17th, seem to be doing practice attacks with 55th Battalion near Wallon-Cappel with 38th Battalion acting as enemy.  The Divisional Commander inspected them.  Then they rotated and another battalion took their part.  Dummy grenades were used and white tape to simulate artillery concentrations.


On September 17/18 the Brigade route marched to Steenvoorde Area.


The earliest Halfway House candidate I can find is when the Brigade moved from Chateau Segard area to Hooge on 21/22.  The next night the 53rd Battalion were guided from Oxford Circus to dugouts and trenches in vicinity of HALFWAY HOUSE J.17.c.4.7, which is modern day 50.843639, 3.003846.  Zouave Wood an Polygon Wood were part of the brigade boundaries.




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