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Canadian 48th Battery CFA 1st Div' helmet


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48th Bty' 1st Div' CFA. Have any of you ever seen one of these? It’s been looked at by American collectors, and the consensus is that it is not a US helmet.                 (Not the 45th US div')                    If any of you can shed some light would be great.
I think is it 48th Battery' 1st Div' Canadian Field Artillery
I’ve posted along with the photos, a period post card from the 1st Divisional Canadian Field artillery with emblems assigned to the formations within the Div’
I happen to have two helmets from this card. ( I've posted as examples ) The 5th Battery, and from the lower center of the card, the 1st C.D.A.C ( 1st Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column )
The helmet with the talaria ( Winged foot ) is not mine, I believe it could possibly be the 1st Battery
I know the insignia is reversed on the card, I do have two other helmets to the Canadian MG bn’s ( 4th and 1st ) that have flipped insignia. Any thoughts. ( The 8th Bty' helmet is not mine )









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