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What happened to UB 70


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I was reading to action on the 8 May 1918 against in operation against an allied supply convoy somewhere near Algiers.


Some reports give UB 70 while other show U 38 or both?


Since the Yanks claimed they rammed the U Boat, what happened as UB 70 last reported around 5 May 1918 East of Gibraltar?


Any insight in Remy and his crew?



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Yes I read that but the action on the 8 May shows UB 70 under Remy.


Clearly one is wrong, as the articale also mentions U 38, but U 38 I am to understand recieved no damage, so the Yanks must have been wrong to say they rammed the U Boat?



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This is the entry from ADM 239/26 “Reported Destruction of Submarines”, the Royal Navy’s official description of ASW actions. It’s mainly a depth charge action, not a ramming. The British attribution is that UB 70 was sunk. The German official history explicitly rejects this, noting that the attack was actually against U 38, which thought moderately damaged was able to return to base. 


The fate of UB 70 remains unknown. Loss through operational cause is likely.



Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 10.25.22 AM.png

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