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Le Havre Base area / Docks - any photos please?

Bob Chandler

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Evening all. Am trying to find photos / postcards showing the Havre base area / docks, particularly of POW holding camps, prisoner escorts, embarkations, prisoners arriving by train, or just the Base or town in general. Not much coming up on google / ebay. Many thanks!   

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Hi Bob. This image is care of the LLT and originally the IWM. is this the sort of thing you are looking for? There are quite a few decent photographs on https://www.longlongtrail.co.uk/battlefields/gazetteer-of-the-western-front/gazetteer-of-the-western-front-le-havre-and-harfleur-base/ 


Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 18.47.53.png

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Many thanks, yes that's just what I'm looking for. I've been to Le Havre but find it hard to picture what happened there as so little of the town remains from that time. 

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there is a book (in French) by Yves Buffetaut, a well known WW1 author, about Le Havre and Rouen in 1914-18. There are plenty of original photos.




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There's a scrapbook online with Wellcome Library that has photos and postcards of St. Nazaire, Le Havre, Rouen, Ulster, Dublin. Lots of photos with no captions so who knows where they were taken. Some postcards marked Le Havre.


I searched for Havre 1913-1920 within the online location, you can of course change the advanced search. A lot more comes up without date parameters.


https://search.wellcomelibrary.org/iii/encore/search/C__S(Havre) b%3Aelro y%3A[1913-1921]__Orightresult__U?lang=eng&suite=cobalt




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