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1st MIDDLESEX- Frederick Hammans, David Isidor and Frank Simpson- all died 3rd April 1918

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Bit of an enigma here.  A local casualty, Frederick John Hammans, 1st Middlesex  arrived in France 20-21 March 1918 and is listed in all sources that I know as KIA  3rd April 1918.  But War Diary gives not a hint of casualties - previous day is listed as quiet, the day of 3rd April is listed as relief completed by 11pm.  Thus, no territory lost where men might have gone "missing".  

   2 other soldiers of 1st Middlesex are listed by CWGC as KIA that day- Corporal Frank Simpson and Private David Isidor.  All 3 are listed at Tyne Cot. OK, looks like wastage casualties not mentioned in War Diary -1st Middlesex not strong on mentioning casualties.  But 3 KIA- not "missing presumed.." and no physical grave for any of them does seem a little unusual if no land was lost.  

    Would any colleague have any knowledge,thoughts or leads on the fate of these 3 men?   The obvious target man to locate to see what had happened is David Isidor as the name betokens (perhaps wrongly) that he was Jewish but not found on "We Were There".  


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SDGW lists Isidor as died of wounds, (doesn't help much, I agree).


The supposition is that the area was shelled during the relief, a common occurrence, and not mentioned in the WD.





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Thanks Graham-  I agree with you about shelling (and sniping....and MG fire) during  turn and turn about in the line.  A number of local casualties with that scenario- but it reduces the losses to 2 as, presumably, David Isidor-if DOW- must have been wounded the day before at least.  But, on the other hand, if he was DOW, then  no grave seems all the more unusual.   I have remembered that I have not done the brigade diary.....  but I think I will still be scratching my head with this one.  

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