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Central Distribution Section (CDS) and Stationery Service (SS) pamphlets available online

A Rankin

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Maureen, Thank you... I figure if more of these are known, then it can only improve the quality of research being conducted. I would also thank you for your own efforts in this area.



I have some corrections for links to pamphlets held by the UK National Archives. The DVD "The War Diaries of the Battalions who fought the Great War on the Western Front" does not give the full piece number for entries. Therefore some of the links I posted where of the wrong sub-section of the diaries. Some corrections are below. Thank you to John Armatys and other members who drew my attention to this issue.



CDS 9 Notes on the Co-operation of Aircraft and Other Arms when the Army is on the move     

WO 95/1561/5  https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C14053126


CDS 13 Co-operation of Aeroplanes with Artillery

WO 95/3912/1  https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C14056353


SS 127 Drills with small box-respirators

WO 95/2685/2 https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C7354505


SS 132 Conventional Signs for use with Artillery Maps Revised Edition Feb 1918

TNA WO 95/2650/4 1/7 Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers (PIONEERS)  1918 Feb. - 1919 Apr.


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On 10/02/2021 at 21:31, A Rankin said:

SS 639 Photograph - Appearance of Tanks from the Air


Twitter via Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/503066220860793056/ (I have been unable to find original IWM tweet or the photo on their website)

Adam, what a great resource - I can't even guess how long that would have taken you.


This is a great photograph and a deep zoom image is on the IWM web site.  Negative number is Q17757.  Link is https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205252296

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Apologies to Adam for calling him Andy.
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Thanks WhiteStarLine,


   I had been looking in IWM's site for quite a while trying to find that photograph...I'm glad to have a more official source for the photograph than Pinterest.


I first started working with the SS/CDS series in 2014, but I didn't get the idea to continue the work of getting a finding aid/full list until early 2019. So its been a couple of years of work now.



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SS 612 Memorandum showing the precautions taken for the prevention of damage by frost to M.T. Vehicles Oct 1917


Contained within AWM25 959/8 - [Transport, mechanical (including motor cycles)] Memorandum and administrative instructions regarding precautions to be taken for the prevention of damage by frost to mechanical transport vehicles



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SS 762 List of German Material Required for Inspection Nov 1918


SS 520 Instructions regarding disposal of Officers serving with other units than their own


SS 727 New patterns of German Shell required for inspection


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SS 525 Protection of small box respirators against wet Nov 1916

SS 176 Instructions for the attachment of new containers to small box respirators by company (battery etc.) gas N.C.O.s Aug 1917

Both found in AWM25 371/59 - [Written records, 1914-18 War] Gas. The small box respirator. Manufacture, improvements etc, 1916-1918 https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C2797820


SS 405 Notes on German Artillery Emplacements, 1915

AWM27 320/61 - [Military Engineering:] Notes on German artillery emplacements, 1915 (Apr 1916) https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C2798136


SS 457 Formation of Prisoner of War Companies. Orders and Instructions. [Sep 1916, Feb 1917 and Feb 1918 versions of pamphlet]

AWM27 424/8 - [Treatment of Prisoners of War:] Formation of (German) Prisoners of War Companies - Orders and instructions (Feb 1917)


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CDS 344 The abolition of flies in camps, billets and hospitals [DGMS Circular Memorandum 8] May 1915

AWM41 869 - [Official History, 1914-18 War: Records of Arthur G Butler:] The Abolition of Flies in Camps Billets and Hospitals https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C2801324

SS 407 Composition of Headquarters, British Armies in France. March 1918, August 1918, December 1918


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The Biblioteca do Exército (Army Library) of Portugal has digitized quite a few pamphlets.  Some of these have already been uploaded previously and some pamphlets in the below list have been found online in other archives. A few have not been found in many other archives.

SS 1030 Schedule for aeroplane engines. Type R.A.F. 4A ND



SS 483 German Field Artillery Ammunition and Its Employment Oct 1916



SS 704 Extracts from the Provisional instructions for the Employment of Gas Shell Oct 1917



SS 718 Confidential Circular regarding leave in France Jun 1918



SS 718 A Confidential Circular regarding leave trains in France



SS 484 German Foot Artillery Batteries identified between the sea and the Oise, Nos 4 and 6




SS 630 Circular Memorandum. Discipline of Coloured Labour Units Feb 1918



SS 530B Circular Memorandum No. 22. Acting Appointments, Warrant Officers, Class 1, and Non-Commissioned Officers, Royal Army Medical Corps Aug 1917



SS 523 Regulations Regarding Leave Feb 1918



SS 762 List of German Material Required for Inspection Nov 1918



SS 780 Description, Method of use, Employment, Handling and Packing of Long-Delay Fuze for Medium and Heavy "Minenwerfer" Bombs



SS 579 Extracts from the Experiences of the Sixth German Army in the Employment of the ‘08/’015 Light Machine Gun



SS 737 Instructions and Rules of guidance for the conduct of every German soldier who is taken prisoner



SS 715 German system of squaring maps



SS 753 Change in Discipline and Moral of the German Army. January-September, 1918



SS 575 Summary of Measures against Surprise Attacks



SS 734 German Traps and Mines



SS 701 Notes on the Construction of Positions on the Ypres battle Front for the Coming Winter



SS 447 Duties and Employment of the 4th Artillery Survey Section (Artillerie-Messtrupp) and the 49th Sound Ranging Section (Schallmesstrupp).



SS 727 New patterns of German Shell required for inspection



SS 562 Manual of Position Warfare for All Arms. Part 3. Weapons of Close Combat ("Nahkamphfmittel").



SS 541 German Instructions for the Employment of "Granatenwerfer" or Stick Bomb Throwers

SS 641 New Type of Bomb for "Granatwerfer" (or Stick Bomb Thrower)



SS 531 German Instructions for the Employment of Flame Projectors



SS 707 The Employment of Machine Guns in Trench Warfare



SS 450 Regulations for Machine-Gun Officers and Non-commissioned officers



SS 721 The Light "Minenwerfer" on Flat-Trajectory Carriage



SS 544 Experiences of the Recent Fighting at Verdun



SS 553A Extracts from a German Document entitled Experience of the German 1st Army in the Somme Battle



SS 572 German Anti-Aircraft Organization



SS 486 Extracts from German Documents Dealing with "Lessons Drawn from the Battle of the Somme."




SS 644C Classification and Engagement of Enemy Divisions in the Western Theatre, 21st March - 11th November, 1918



SS 644 Battle Engagements of German Divisions



SS 485 Army Order Regarding the Execution of Counter-attacks



SS 732 The 1917 German Long Delay Action Fuze for Demolition Purposes



SS 742/3 Photographs of German Guns. Serial 3. Medium and Heavy Field Howitzers



SS 559 Diagram showing the organization & defences of a divisional sector (from a German document captured in April 1917)


SS 731 Leakage of Information through Prisoners of War



SS 617 Courts of Inquiry



SS 569 Signal-thrower. "Signalwerfer" or "Nachrichtenwerfer"



SS 1020/2 Brigade Machine Gun Officers. Minutes of 14th Monthly Meeting



SS 499 Circular Letter. Fires. Instructions as to Inquiry and Liability



SS 752 Suspension of sentences



SS 627 Recommendations of Officers for Command and for Appointment to and Advancement on, the Staff



SS 725 Fire fighting. Care of Fire Appliances and Fire Drills


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SS 340 Extracts from General Routine Orders issued to the British Armies in  France by Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, KT., G.C.B., G.C.V.O., K.C.I.E.  Part II. Quartermaster General's Branch, Supplementary Edition. General Headquarters, 1st January, 1919.


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SS 340 Jan 1918 Extracts from general routine orders issued to the British army in the field by Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig . : Part 2. Quartermaster General's Branch.



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SS 340 Extracts from General Routine Orders issued to the British Army in the Field by Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, K.T., G.C.B., G.C.V.O., K.C.I.E.  Part II. Quartermaster General's Branch. [Less Ordnance Orders published separately in Part II (b)]. General Headquarters, 1st July, 1918.



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SS 309 Jan 1918 Extracts from General Routine Orders issued to the British Armies in France K.T., G.C.B., G.C.V.O., K.C.L.E. Part I. Adjutant-General's Branch. General Headquarters, 1st January, 1918


CDS 340 Extracts from general routine orders issued to the British army in the field by Field-Marshal Sir J.D.P. French . Part 2. Quartermaster General's Branch


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Another big thank you to you for your continuing work - much appreciated. :thumbsup:


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Thanks Matlock...There should be another little cluster coming soon from the AWM...hopefully they will also upload the collection items as well as the AWM25 and AWM27 series


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According to the March 1918 version of SS 390,  Instructions for Fuzing H.E. Shells 4.5-in. Howitzer (July 1917) is listed as SS 514.

Chris Henschke

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