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Bernard Francis Moore, Royal Garrison Artillery

George Lee Temple

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I have just acquired the medals of 96992 Acting Battery Quartermaster Sergeant Bernard Francis Moore, RGA (RA on medals).


Checking his medal index card, I noted that an adjacent card was for 282985 Gunner/ Second Lieutenant Bernard F Moore RGA.


Whereas this may be two separate people (births of Bernard Francis Moore were registered in West Ham in Q3 1887 & in St Olave in  Q1 1889), they were both in the RGA and so I want to confirm that they are not the same man.


However, the only 'B.F. Moore' or 'B. Moore' appearing in the Army Lists online (1918-1919) is a Barry Fitzgerald Moore, who was a Regular Captain in the Warwicks attached RFC. A similar search of the London Gazette was fruitless.


The Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists a single 'Bernard Moore', who was killed with the Buffs in 1915.


Any suggestions are to how to proceed ?

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I note that on Lives of the First World War that card 282985 has been linked to a Bernard Herbert Moore who was commissioned 3/4/19 per London Gazette. Furthermore the MIC for 282985 does not show any medal entitlement.



There is a RNVR service sheet for Bernard Herbert Moore which shows him serving RNVR 1916-1918 then being discharged 6/5/18 to a Cadet unit for eventual Commission in the RGA. So I think Lives is correct and you are on a red herring!


It doesn't mean that Lives is correct but ?



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Thanks, that would seem logical and not the first time the TNA has misled me with their cataloguing - I have a group to a 16 HLI officer which the TNA has catalogued as 10 HLI - an obvious transcription error, and understandable given the volume of handwritten records.


Luckily the Medal Rolls note that Cpl (A/BQMS) Moore was 189th Siege Battery RGA (on a rare page of Corps medals with unit details - if only this applied to family members who were RFA Drivers !).


A great pity that 'Lives' was fossilized rather than finding someone and/or from funding to continue running it.

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21 hours ago, George Lee Temple said:

A great pity that 'Lives' was fossilized

don't go there !

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