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James Cameron Baillie - RAF - WW2 - hoping to find out more information


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i was wondering how I could go about finding out information about the second of my grandparents who served in the Briitish military during a War. In this case WWII.  My grandfather was James Cameron Baillie, of Glasgow, but when the war broke out he was already living and working in London in a patent's office (lived in Hounslow, West London).  In the photo below he's in the middle bottom row. I have no names of the other alongside him nor where or when the photo was taken. I may have this wrong but  I recall his daughter/my mother said perhaps he was a Flight Squadron leader ?


Any guidance and/or help would be greatly welcomed and appreciated !




Russell Ferrier

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Ah apologies !! I just realized this is the wrong forum to post in. This is not for WW2



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Try posting your question on




However, without a service number etc you may be struggling.





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Or the RAF Commands forum. London Gazette will contain laconic records of his commissioning and promotions, too, if you can search it.


Cheers, Pat

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I'm afraid this's not WW1, so this is off topic, so I will have to lock it.



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