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Looking to visit Albert


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Our relative, John Henry Hooler, was killed/missing in action on June 1st, of 1918 in Aveluy Wood.

Memorialized at Pozieres.

My sister and I would like to visit the area.

Suggestions on where to stay would be appreciated. As well as travel to and in the area.

My sister is travelling from England and myself from Canada, via England.

Thanks a bunch!



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Hi! You can join your sister in Roissy airport ( or Bruxelles Zaventem ) and here rent a car to Albert.

Be aware of sanitary restriction for travelers comming from third countries and commint to France. Covid test and quarantine.

For more info. ask to UK foreign affairs site, before your flight...

Have a good stay (when possible) in Albert and Somme fields.



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I would not plan any visits yet, there are strict rules around travelling in France even supposing they will let you inthe country.

normally there arent many places for catering at the best of times, now its worse. there are limits of around 1km travelling and only for excercise or dog walking.

the question could well be, how many places will still be open if and when restrictions are lifted, many may close for good with no income. we just managed to sell our house as we were not allowed to visit even allowing the fact our housing  taxes and insurances are in  excess of €3000 a year. 

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How were you planning to get to Albert from the UK, assuming you will travel from the U.K. together? Ferry/tunnel then drive down from the ports. As others have said, travel is not going to be possible for some time yet. 


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NB: international trips are highly discouraged by the French government (and other responsible gvts in EU), except for imperative reasons.

Sorry Chaz "housing  taxes and insurances in  excess of €3000 a year"  is a private and non imperative reason.  

Once in France there is no travel limitation (the 1km limit mentionned by Chaz date from the first Covid wav, in connection with "Confinement" and is not re-instaured (for the moment ) . Now there is no distance limitation but a "couvre feu" (curfew) from 06:00 PM to 06: 00 AM, except if you have a specific derogation (work, medical treatment, transit...) 

A FAQ contains information for foreign nationals wishing to enter France or already in France, who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
General information on restrictions and recommendations in France and action taken has been centralized on a platform at the following address: https://www.gouvernement.fr/en/coronavirus-covid-19







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To complete my former mail concerning health formalities if coming to France, you will find hereby two usefull official sites  





Be carefull  and check them several time before coming ; situation could change at any moment. 


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As mentioned above I doubt you will be able to visit there with any ease until the mid-late summer as a reasonable best case scenario.


However it's no harm to plan it now to break the lockdown monotony! My postponed visit last April is still being planned and I'm going to need an extra week at the rate I'm adding to my itinerary!


Near there I like to visit:

Authuile Mill Cemetery where Willie McBride from the song Green Fields of France is buried

Loghnagar Crater

Thiepval Memorial

Ulster Tower - email ahead to book a tour of the woods

Beaumont Hamel Canadian Park

1st Australian Division memotial at Pozieres & Pozieres Memorial

First Tank Warfare Memorial

Delville Woods and the last tree

Butte du Warlencourt


There area so many locations that will be more specific to your interests but there are Indian, New Zealand, Welsh, Irish, Sheffield, Liverpool, memorials etc that I try to go to


I would definitely hire a car and I usually find the cheapest flights and car hire in Brussels (usually Ryanair) and then drive to Ieper for the first day to take in the Menin Gate ert and then onto the Somme area. Air Bnb was very good for my last visit and having a car gives great flexibility to stay anywhere and travel all around.

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Many thanks for all these suggestions. We were hoping to go in August, when hopefully things are returned to civilization as we knew it. Fingers crossed. Thanks again.


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Assuming some semblance of normality by the time August comes along, then staying in Albert (hotel or Airbnb) will give you options for dining out in the evening, shops to mooch around, a decent museum to visit on a rainy day etc.


If you think you'd also like to have someone to turn to for local and particularly WW1 knowledge while you're there (always useful), then my advice would be to stay at one of several British-run BnB establishments (Avril's in Auchonvillers, Silent Picket in Martinpuich....etc). Not sure any (?) of such places are in Albert, but if you're renting a car, that won't matter. 



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