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No dragon Muzzle Cover

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A friend of mine has a huge collection of Gun/ Bayonet/ Militaria and rummaging in one his warehouses found these. Markings look like Swiss style, but try on many other rifles/carbines. He say the ONLY thing that fits ( perfectly) was the Mondragon. Swiss produced/ limited run. Germany bought them, used in small numbers in Germany’s air service. Bombers, Zeppelins and I have in some book, a pic of one strapped to side of a single seat fighter for personal use. 

Anyone have any idea on these, Please






Sorry, when click send my phone change name/heading



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Can anyone concern these are for the Mondragon? I know a model 08’. But think re-designation of m1916, same model # as the Mauser M1916, could be wrong on model ##?

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