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Naming of Empire Nursing Service Medals

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I have the medals of a CAMC nurse and a SAMNS nurse.

Both just give the nursing rank and then just the name, no unit/organisation.


Is this the norm for the Empire Nursing Services? 

If anyone has got any Australian or NZ Nurses medals could they take a quick gander

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Jim Strawbridge

I have a BWM to S/N A.M. BAXTER. S.A.M.N.S. This may be a one-off or a late issue for as you have said, normally it is just the nursing rank, initials and surname.

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Canadian trio.  1914-15 Star named N.Sister Can: A.M.C.   BMW and Victory named N. Sister only. 

South African trio.  1914-15 Star named N/Sister S.A.M.N.S.   BMW & Victory named S/Nurse only. 

South African BWM Only:  named N/N   P/N    S.A.M.N.S.

South African pair:  named N/Sister only. 


This may (or may not) be of help. 

Australian Pair:   named T-Sister  A.I.F. 

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Thank you both for your replies, it seems that there is no hard and fast rule for the BWM & VM.

Interesting that the Australian Pair were A.I.F and not A.A.N.S

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