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The Kaiser's battle.


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Hello, regardingMartin Middlebrook's book " The Kaiser's battle" does anyone know if the memories that he collected but weren't used in the book were ever published anywhere else ? Or do they still exist ?


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Middlebrook's  collection of materials on the Somme  for "First Day"  were transferred to another and then purchased recently by the Imperial War Museum. I do not know if the Kaiserschlacht materials were included but there should be some stuff on either Google or by searching on the IWM website about what was obtained. Interesting question- never thought the different chunks might go in different directions.


    Update=  Yes, the 1918 materials were included in the  acquisition. This from the IWM entry on the Middlebook collection:


Content description

[BASIC ACCESSION RECORD] Questionnaires completed by First World War veterans and sent to the author Martin Middlebrook in response to his appeal for first-hand accounts of the first day of the Battle of the Somme (1 July 1916) and the German Spring Offensive (21 March 1918).


Private papers
Related period
First World War (content)

whole: 4 boxes

Catalogue number
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Many thanks. I obviousy hadn't been wording my google searches right. Once again thanks.

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