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What did these men do in Turkey?


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Sorry my translation of Turkish has me confused about there jobs there?


They appear to be on the Ottoman General Staff, but what is the 2nd Chief of Staff 


Rohrscheidt (Walter) von    Maj    Generalstab - Genel Kurmay Baskani von Seeckt'in emir subayi Genel Kurmay 2. Baskani Tümgeneral Rohdewald. 1918'in son aylarinda Genel kurmay baskanligini Yarbay Bernhard von Eggeling üstlenir (2nd Chief of Staff to Major General Rohdewald and Adjt to the Chief of Staf to von Seeckt In the last months of 1918 LtCol Bernhard von Eggeling assumed the chief of staff)    1917-18    possibly Walter born 1975 at Berlin )

Rohdewald August Heinrich Wilhelm (Pasha)     Col (Lt-Gen)    Deutsche Militäry Mission Türkei - Generalstab - Genel Kurmay 2. Baskani (2nd Chief of General Staff) - QMG Ottoman Heneral HQ    1916-18     (1866 - 1945) reported died as Gen-Maj shown in book by Klaus Wolf

Eggeling Bernhard Friedrich von    LtCol    Deutsche Militär-Mission in der Türkei - Generalstab - üstlenir. Genel Kurmay'daki Alman komutasindaki daire baskanlari da sunlar t undertakes (Heads of offices under German command in the General Staff also offer) - The chiefs of the German command in the General Staff also offer in the last months the General Staff)    1914-18    (1872 at Meiningen died 29-8-49) German officer and military attaché Russia 1912-14 wrote book "Die russische mobilmachung und der kriegsausbruch"

Seeckt Johannes "Hans" Friedrich Leopold von     Gen-Lt    Generalstab - CofS Ottoman General Staff (replaced von Bronsart) 10-17 - Genel Kurmay Baskani 1917-1918 (Chief of General Staff)    1917-18    (1866 at Schleswig died 27-12-36) Generalstab to LtCol CofS 3rd Corps 1914 to Col 1-15 to CofS 11th Army (Mackensen) Eastern Front 1915 to Maj-Gen Heeresgruppe Mackensen 6-15 to CofS Austro-Hungarian Seventh Army in Galicia 6-16 to Turkey 1917 later represent the German General Staff at the peace conference in Paris and head of the Reichswehr (army) from 1920 to 1926 awarded Pour le Mérite and EK II & EK I and Hamburg Hanseatic Cross and Ottoman Gold Imtiyaz Medal and Osmanie Order 1st class with swords and Medijdie Order 1st class with swords and War Medal 

Any ideas



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3 hours ago, stevebecker said:

They appear to be on the Ottoman General Staff, but what is the 2nd Chief of Staff 


2nd Chief of General Staff was basically the head of all General Staff departments (e.g. operations, intelligence, military history etc). In a sense, "Chief of Staff of Chief of General Staff." Above all these was the Chief of General Staff who reported to Minister of War & Deputy Supreme Commander Enver.

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